Operating Areas

The Mississippi River

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The Mississippi River handles a wide range of ship types and sizes: bulk carries, tankers, general cargo, container, and passenger ships. This is Crescent Towing’s largest operating port, where our services include ship escort, docking, and undocking from the mouth of the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We also provide vessel mooring through a subsidiary company, Cooper/T. Smith Mooring, for vessels at all terminals, city-front docks, and mid-stream facilities. All tug operations and mooring personnel are coordinated by our centralized staff of experienced dispatchers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One call to our New Orleans fleet office and your vessel will be safety and efficiently docked and securely moored in berth.

Mobile, Alabama

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In September of 1979, Crescent Towing sent three of its tugs from New Orleans to the port of Mobile to help restore trade activities after Hurricane Frederic ravaged the city and halted commerce. Once trade was restored, our tugs remained in Mobile to continue serving this fast-growing port.

Today, vessels of all types and configurations come to Mobile not only for trade, but also for ship modifications at one of Mobile’s major shipbuilding and repair facilities. Crescent Towing has become Mobile’s premier tug provider, with towing services including ship escort, docking, undocking, and hawser work. Our Mobile fleet is configured specifically for the extra maneuverability and strength required to handle slip and dry-dock berthing. Our operations office is staffed round-the-clock everyday of the year to ensure optimal service for our customers.

Savannah, Georgia


Savannah is one of the leading United States ports on the east coast. Crescent Towing offers full towage at this port, including hip LNG ship assist, docking, undocking, and tug escort from the mouth of the Savannah River to the many piers upriver. Our state-of-the-art tug fleet sets the pace with the latest and most powerful equipment in the region. Our customers can rely on our equipment and service every hour of every day of the year to meet their towing needs.