Zero: Safety Initiative

"Our co-workers, customers, industry partners, families, and friends depend on us to operate safely everyday. Safety is our #1 priority."

zero WB.jpg

Zero is greater than the sum of its parts-- it's larger than the t-shirts, hats, gloves, etc. that are distributed to all Crescent Towing employees and that serve as a daily safety reminder while at work and at home; it's greater than the safety signage that is posted on all tugboats and land-based facilities; it's more than the establishment of the Crescent Towing deckhand safety training facility that was constructed to kick-start the Zero initiative and that has set a new industry standard for deckhand safety training; and it's bigger than the re-engineered near miss and safety discrepancy reporting systems that have established more efficient and effective safety communication among Crescent Towing employees.

Zero is a personal safety commitment that Crescent Towing employees at all levels of the company make to ourselves, our co-workers, our customers, our industry partners, our families, and our friends. This commitment is a pledge that with every action that we take and every decision that we make, both at home and while at work, we'll remember that others count on us to keep safety our number one priority.