Crescent Towing Receives Safety Award

Crescent Towing and the crew of the South Carolina were recently awarded the 2018 Jones F. Devlin Award. The Devlin Award recognizes the skills and dedication of the men and women who are responsible for safe vessel operations. To qualify for a Devlin Award, a manned merchant vessel must have operated for two full years or more without a crew member losing a full turn at watch because of an occupational injury. The award was presented at the Chamber of Shipping of America’s Annual Safety Awards Luncheon. Crescent Towing has 20 vessels with a combined total of 133 years with no lost-time injuries. The South Carolina was Crescent Towing’s “2018 Boat of the Year” and subsequently earned the right to accept the award on behalf of all of the Crescent Towing mariners.


Pictured: Gawain Schouest, Eddie Pinner, Tina Adams, Phil Katz, Keith Kettenring, Steven Reeg, Ben Morvant, Joe Carson, Kyle McDermott, Kevin McDermott