Crescent Towing Celebrates Its Team


Crescent Towing held its annual employee appreciation picnic in early Fall. Employees and their families enjoyed a day of fun and food that included BBQ cooked up by fellow team members Bradley Burdette and Kurt Gegenheimer.

One of the highlights was when Keith Kettenring, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Crescent Towing, acknowledged the employees celebrating milestone anniversaries working for Crescent Towing.

Special recognition went to all of the employees who had worked at Crescent for 40-plus years, and each employee received a framed photo of the JK McLean and the David J. Cooper sailing along the New Orleans skyline.

Each picture included a commemorative plaque with the employee’s full name and hire date.

Also honored was the crew of the Miriam Walmsley Cooper for being named Boat of the Year 2017. This merit-based award is decided by a committee that takes into account safety, training records, job performance, and how well the boat is maintained.